Teeth Whitening

You are never fully dressed without a smile!! With professional teeth whitening, you can lift surface stains and look healthy and younger. Using GLO Professional products, our team at Family Dentistry Group can help you achieve a whiter smile in a single visit!

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

In order to get teeth to appear brighter and whiter, we need to lift surface stains. First, we prep your teeth by making sure the surfaces of your teeth are clean. From there, we apply a professional concentration of whitening gel and activate it with the GLO light. The light from the GLO device will allow the whitening agent to penetrate your enamel and interact with stain-causing molecules, lifting their color.

Common Causes of Staining

Eating, drinking, and daily habits can all lead up to a dull and discolored smile. The most common contributors to teeth staining are:

  • Coffee and Dark Teas
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Certain Medications

Professional vs. In-Home Whitening

There are many choices when it comes to at-home teeth whitening options: pastes, gels, strips, and more. These over the counter products will provide minimal results.

When you come into our office for professional teeth whitening, you will get GLO’s professional-level whitening agent which is stronger and safer than what you can get OTC. You also get the attention of our trained staff, meaning every step of the way is handled with precision and care.

Are You Interested in Professional Teeth Whitening?

You could be one visit away from a more confident smile! If you’re interested in learning more about teeth whitening or interested in scheduling an appointment, please feel free to contact our office.

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Sean Deiley
Sean Deiley
Very kind on the phone. This provider does not accept all forms of Medicare.
s koch
s koch
I have terrible dental anxiety. It’s to the point where novocaine doesnt work 100% on me. I shopped around to find someone to help me with my multiple fillings and I’ve come here twice. Best time I’ve ever had at the dentist. Even the cleaning is almost painless. I would absolutely recommend this office to anyone struggling with a fear of the dentist.
Crys Lee
Crys Lee
Been going to this dentist for a while now and honestly I like it a lot very professional very understanding definitely Recommend!
Chris Cleaveland
Chris Cleaveland
Great experience! The staff is very professional and super friendly. So glad we switched to this practice.
keilin lopez
keilin lopez
Great staff, very nice people and do take really good care of you.
Edenis Perez
Edenis Perez
Good service
Helen J. Quade
Helen J. Quade
Dr. Keith is a gem. Good job of extraction, no after effects, bleeding stopped quickly, all is well. Thank you. Helen.


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